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Many profound thanks to the people who have mentored me over the years, have taken bug walks with me, and have offered identifications and discussions of my photographs.

Specialists who have helped primarily with one order of insect are named on the various acknowlegment pages for those orders. This current page is designed primarily to thank those folks who, like me, are generalists in the study of all kinds of insects, or who perhaps are a specialist in one area but have helped me in many areas.

My first mentor in the study of insects was Alberto Vasquez, who began identifying my photographs in 1984, and shared his great enthusiasm for beetles and other hexapods.

My interest in insect photography got a big boost in 2003, when Troy Bartlett founded the BugGuide website, a forum for on-line study, discussion, and identifications of insects and their relatives. I became member number 466. BugGuide is a joy to use and I’m proud to count its members as my friends. Nowadays the site is hosted at Iowa State University, with John Van Dyk at the helm, and has more than 25,000 members.

It is risky to try to thank all the BugGuide and inaturalist members who have helped me so much over the years, but what follows is an attempt to name those who have helped me identify a great many photographs, giving generously and repeatedly of their time over a period of years:

Yurika Alexander, John Arthur, John S. Ascher, John and Jane Balaban, Brad Barnd, Keith Bayless, Giff Beaton, Paul Bedell, Vassili Belov, Matt Bertone, Paul Beuk, Mike Boone, Brendon E. Boudinot, Adam Brunke, Boris Büche, Matthias Buck, Gerry Bunker, Don Cadle, Bob Carlson, John Carlson, Don Chandler, Will Chatfield-Taylor, Patrick Coin, Nancy Collins, Ben Coulter, Paul Dennehy, Jason J. Dombroskie, Eric Eaton, Charley Eiseman, Omar Fahmy, Zack Falin, David J. Ferguson, Jay Greenberg, Bobby Grizzard, Joyce Gross, Frank Guarnieri, Dennis Haines, Andy Hamilton, Sharon and Bill Harris, Phillip Harpootlian, Marshal Hedin, Maury J. Heiman, Ron Hemberger, Heather Holm, Peter Homann, Ross Hill, Jeff Hollenbeck, Frans Janssens, Bill Johnson, Won Gun Kim, Ted Kropiewnicki, Fyn Kynd, Ilona Loser, Ted C. MacRae, Chris Mallory, Blaine Mathison, Christopher Majka, Kerry S. Matz, John R. Maxwell, Peter May, Sean McCann, Jim McClarin, Robin McLeod, Kurt Mead, Andrew Meeds, Mark Melton, Beatriz Moisset, Graham Montgomery, Bill Morgenstern, Tom Murray, Hannah Nendick-Mason, Tim Nichols, John D. Oswald, Abagail M. Parker, Bob Patterson, Gerard Pennards, Lee Penner, Sharon Perrault, Claude Pilon, Abdiel Park-Martin, Mike Quinn, Herschel Raney, Timothy Reichard, Bill Reynolds, Brady Richards, J.D. Roberts, Roger Rohrbeck, Dave Ruiter, Lynette Schimming, Aaron Schusteff, Steve Scott, Gayle and Jeanell Strickland, Mike Thomas, Jeff Trahan, John Van Dyk, Richard Vernier, Kyle Warnecke, John R. Watts, Bob Webster, Rob Westerduijn, Hartmut Wisch, Ken Wolgemuth, Brandon Woo, Doug Yanega, Chen Young, Daniel K. Young, and Harry Zirlin.

In the West Virginia entomology circuit, I am a proud member of the West Virginia Entomological Society, and have enjoyed working with DNR employees on several projects. I'd like to thank especially Bob Acciavatti, Elizabeth Byers, Cheryl Jennings, Laura Miller, Sam Norris, Sue Olcott, Yong-Lak Park, Ed Saugstad, Tim Tomon, Vanessa Verdecia, and Jennifer Wykle.

Thanks also to Dominik Hofer of Switzerland, who has helped me through the flickr and projectnoah web sites.

I apologize to those whom I’ve inevitably forgotten. Some days it seems I can remember both the genus and species names of the Greater Pedunculate Eggplant Borer, but can’t call to mind the names of friends whose company I have enjoyed as we tramped the fields in search of six-legged prey.

One final heartfelt thanks goes to the staff of the Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library at West Virginia Wesleyan College, and in particular Rick Manspeaker, Sue Dawson, Carol Smith, and Carol Bowman, who cheerfully helped me get hundreds of articles on interlibrary loan. Thanks, guys! —Stephen Cresswell

More acknowledgments and thanks are on these pages, arranged by insect groups:

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