American Insects, Order Coleoptera, Beetles



I wish to thank first Alberto Vasquez, of Free Union, Virginia. Very shortly after I began photographing diminutive creatures in 1984, Alberto took me under his wing and mentored me in my quest to learn more about insects. Beetles were Alberto’s favorite group, and his enthusiasm for the Order soon spread to me. My many tramps through the Albemarle County woods with Alberto form some of my fondest memories.

Other beetle experts have provided me an enormous amount of help over the years. These include Bob Acciavatti, R.S. Anderson, Thomas H. Atkinson, Josh Basham, Chuck Bellamy, Vassili Belov, Larry Bezark, Gabriel Biffi, Lech Borowiec, Donald S. Chandler, Shawn Clark, Julian Clavijo-Bustos, Andrew Cline, Joe Cicero, Anthony Cognato, Paul Davis, Aristeo Cuahtemoc Deloya Lopez, Marc DiGirolomo, Stephanie A. Dole, Dave Edmonds, Terry Erwin, Wills Flowers, David G. Furth, Héctor Jaime Gasca Alvarez, Michael Geiser, Dennis Haines, Robert Hamilton, Phillip J. Harpootlian, Henry Hespenheide, Michael A. Ivie, Alan Jeon, Paul Johnson, S. V. Kazantsev, Ted C. MacRae, Jean-Michel Maes, Chris Majka, Blaine Mathison, Jose Ricardo M. Mermudes, Julio Micheli, Miguel Monné, Odette Morvan, Elynton Nascimento, Eugenio Nearns, Charles W. O’Brien, Stewart Peck, Mike Quinn, Brett C. Ratcliffe, Brady Richards, Lukas Sekerka, Alessandra Sforzi, Floyd Shockley, Andrew Short, Paul E. Skelley, Ángel Solís, Charles L. Staines, Warren Steiner, Michael C. Thomas, Richard L. Westcott, Donald Windsor, Douglas Yanega, and Daniel K. Young.

Eric R. Eaton has undoubtedly helped me a thousand times over the last five years. Though busy for much of that time writing the Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America, he was never too busy to answer a request for help.

In developing the species pages I have mined a number of scholarly articles old and new, and these are listed in the Works Consulted page for Beetles.

Above all, I want to thank my many friends at the website, who help with IDs, and provide stimulating conversation about hexapods. Many of these friends are listed in the overall Acknowledgments page for the American Insects site.