Aegorhinus vitulus

Caballito / Little Horse


Family: Curculionidae

Subfamily: Cyclominae

Length: beetle in photo 19 mm


Genus Aegorhinus is found in the far south of Argentina and Chile, and it contains 22 species. Two of these, A. phaleratus and A. boviei, are also found in central Chile.

Aegorhinus vitulus is found only in the Magellanic forests of Chile and Argentina, the world's southernmost forests. The host plants for this species are South American beeches in the genus Nothofagus (Morrone and Roig, 1998).

Fabricius named this species in 1775, placing it in the genus Curculio.

Photo data: 18 December 2018. Reserva Forestal Magallanes, Punta Arenas, Chile.

GPS data: -53.1480, -71.0088. Elevation 355 meters.