Ceruchus piceus

Stag Beetle

Ceruchus piceus, Stag Beetle


Family: Lucanidae

Subfamily: Syndesinae

Length: 9.5 - 14.5 mm


Ceruchus piceus is a reddish-brown to black species in which the antennae are not elbowed.

In this species, only males boast the sizeable mandibles. In males the mandibles are the length of the head, while in females the manibles are one-half the length of the head or less. A male is shown.

The larvae and adults are most often collected from decaying logs of oak and birch.

Ceruchus piceus, head with pincers

Range map for Ceruchus piceus

States and provinces with published or on-line records of Ceruchus piceus are shown in blue-green. It will be no surprise to learn that the Nebraska record is from the far eastern edge of the state (Ratcliffe 1991).