Chalcolepidius porcatus

Ridged Chalcolepidus

Chalcolepidius porcatus, Ridged Chalcolepidus, St. Croix photo

Family: Elateridae

Subfamily: Agrypninae

Length: beetle in the photos 28 mm


Chalcolepidius porcatus is a Neotropical species.

Photo data: 2 January 2021. Estate St. George, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. The bottom photo shows more of the location where the beetle was perched.

GPS data: 17.7160, -64.8305. Elevation 49 meters above sea level.

Ridged Click Beetle, Chalcolepidius porcatus photo from St. Croix
Ridged Click Beetle photo from Virgin Islands, Chalcolepidius porcatus