Chauliognathus marginatus

Margined Leatherwing

Chauliognathus marginatus photo, Family Cantharidae

Family: Cantharidae

Subfamily: Chauliognathinae

Length: 8 - 11 mm


This species is also known as the Margined Soldier Beetle.

The Northeastern United States has two species of Leatherwing Beetles in the genus Chauliognathus. The first to appear each year is this one, Chauliognathus marginatus.

The Margined Leatherwing has a black and orange head, whereas the other species, the Pennsylvania Leatherwing, has a black head. The Margined Leatherwing has a broad black stripe on the pronotum, while the Pennsylvania Leatherwing has a black spot there.

Chauliognathus marginatus, Margined Leatherwing

The elytral markings of Margined Leatherwings are variable. There may be a broad black stripe running the length of the elytra, or the broad stripe may be shorter and placed at the rear of the beetle, or in some cases (as at right) the elytral stripe is missing altogether.

While the Pennsylvania Leatherwing is usually found on Goldenrod, the preferred flowers of the adult Margined Leatherwing are Wild Hydrangea, New Jersey Tea, and Basswood.