Cicindela limbalis

Common Claybank Tiger Beetle

Cicindela limbalis, Block Island tiger beetle

Family: Carabidae

Subfamily: Cicindelinae

Length: 11 - 16 mm


Cicindela limbalis is found on open slopes and on dirt roads. It is often associated with red clay, but may also be found in soil types range from loam to sand.

Adults are typically seen from March to September, but may become scarce in parts of June and July. The burrows are seven to fifteen cm in depth and "occasionally have a short chimneylike extension above the opening" (Pearson et al., 2006).

The species ranges from the Northwest Territories to Newfoundland, south to northern New Mexico and east to Maryland.

The beetle shown here is part of the Block Island, Rhode Island population, the species' last stand in southern New England.

Photo data: 13 June 2009. Rodman's Hollow, Block Island, Washington County, Rhode Island.