Dineutus longimanus

Whirligig Beetle

Dineutus longimanus, Whirligig Beetle, Gryrinidae photo from Puerto Rico


Family: Gyrinidae

Subfamily: Gyrininae


Dineutus longimanus is the only member of the genus to possess a spine at the apex of each elytron. This species is endemic to the Antilles (Gustafson and Miller, 2015).

Photo data (top photo): 19 March 2015. Bosque Estatal Rio Abajo, Puerto Rico.

Photo data (bottom photo): 23 January 2020. Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, Dominican Republic.

GPS data (bottom photo): 18.3180, -71.5742. Elevation 403 meters.

Determined by: Dr. Grey Gustafson, University of Kansas.

Mass of Dineutes longimanus beetles from Panama