Hygrotus sayi

Predacious Diving Beetle

Hygrotus sayi, Predacious Diving Beetle




Family: Dytiscidae


Length: 2-3 mm


This widespread pond beetle is found over much of the Nearctic, from Alaska and the Northwest Territories to California and Texas. It does not seem to venture into the southeast, however. The map below shows the states, provinces, and territories with published records of this species.

The head, pronotum, legs, antennae, and venter are reddish-brown. The base of the pronotum, and usually the apex, are dark. The eyltra are punctate with the punctures fairly uniform and close together. The elytra are largely dark with some scattered yellowish areas.

Most members of the genus Hygrotus share a preference for northern climes. For example, of the fifty species of Hygrotus found in the Nearctic, only two are found in South Carolina: Hygrotus farctus and H. nubilus (Ciegler, 2003).

Map, Hygrotus sayi

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