Omorgus nodosus

Hide Beetles

Omorgus nodosus, Hide Beetles, Family Trogidae, Texas photo

Family: Trogidae

Subfamily: Omorginae

Length: 4 - 13 mm in genus


Until 1968, all Hide Beetles found in the Nearctic were in genus Trox. In that year, subgenus Omorgus was given full status as a genus. Omorgus today has 30 species in the Americas. Genus Trox contains 43 described species from the continent of North America, and 37 from South America. Both genera are also found in other parts of the world. The third genus in Trogidae is Polynoncus, found only in South America. All told, this family has about 300 species worldwide.

Photo data: 14 May 1993. Big Bend National Park, Texas.

Omorgus nodosus, Hide Beetles, image from Texas