Ptosima gibbicollis

Redbud Buprestid

Redbud Buprestid, Ptosima gibbicollis, photo from West Virginia

Family: Buprestidae

Subfamily: Polycestinae

Length: 4.5 - 7.5 mm

Ptosima gibbicollis can easily be identified by the combination of elytral markings and the identity of the host plant (redbuds, Cercis spp.).

Larvae are believed to pupate in autumn, completing their transformation to adults in the autumn too, but remaining in the pupal case until spring. Adults are found in the spring, often on flowers. The one shown here was on an Iris.

Photo data (upper two photos): 23 May 2014. Ruraldale, Upshur County, West Virginia.

Photo data (bottom photo): 17 June 2021. Hopewell Culture National Historical Park, Ross County, Ohio..

The map near the bottom of the page shows states and provinces with records of Ptosima gibbicollis in blue-green.

Ptosima gibbicollis, Redbud Buprestid image, West Virginia

Redbud Buprestid, Ptosima gibbicollis, photo from Ohio

Ptosima gibbicollis range map