Sandalus petrophya

Cicada Parasite Beetle

Sandalus petrophya, West Virginia photo of Cicada Parasite Beetle


Family: Rhipiceridae

Length: 12 - 24 mm in the family


Photo location: Ruraldale, Upshur County, Virginia.

This species is found across much of the eastern United States, but is not found in Canada or Mexico.

In Beetles of Eastern North America (2014), Arthur Evans comments that "Several undescribed species of Sandalus occur in the Southeast."

Cicada Parasite Beetle, West Virginia photo, Sandalus petrophya

Cicada Parasite Beetle, Sandalus petrophya, image from West Virginia

Note that this is both the family page for Rhipiceridae and the species page for Sandalus petrophya.

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