Marsh Beetles

The larvae of beetles in family Scirtidae live in various bodies of flowing or still water. Scirtes spp. larvae, for example, develop under leaves in water-filled tree holes. Contacyphon spp. cling to aquatic plants in the shallows.

Adult beetles usually live on vegetation growing near streams and ponds. Scirtes spp. have swollen hind femora and can make impressive jumps.

Many beetles in this family are ovate, while some others are elongate. Black, brown, reddish-brown, and yellowish are the predominate dorsal colors. The pronotum conceals much or all of the head; the eyes are often bulbous. The mouthparts point down and toward the back. The pronotum is short, the scutellum triangular. The tarsal formula is 5-5-5 and fourth tarsomere has two lobes (Evans 2014) .

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Contacyphon sp.
Prionocyphon discoideus
Prionocyphon limbatus
Scirtes sp.
Scirtes tibialis