Epilampra nr. sodalis

Ovoviviparous Roach

Epilampra nr. sodalis, Ovoviviparous Cockroach, image from Brazil

Epilampra is a genus of ovoviviparous cockroaches in subfamily Epilamprinae.

The cockroach in the photo had a total length of 28.1 mm and a maximum width of 14.6 mm. To the right of the roach is the carcass of a treehopper nymph in the genus Membracis. The cockroach appears to be close to Epilampra sodalis and E. substrigata.

Photo location: 26 May 2012. Novo Airão, Amazonas state, Brazil.

GPS data: -2.6211, -60.9433. Elevation 32 meters above sea level.

Determined by: Dominic Evangelista, Rutgers University.

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