Epilampra sp.

Ovoviviparous Cockroach

Epilampra sp., Ovoviviparous Cockroach

Family: Blaberidae

Subfamily: Epilamprinae

Length: many species in the genus are 40 - 60 mm


American entomologist Morgan Hebard erected the genus Epilampra in a 1920 publication. Seven years later he noted sadly,

We find many of the published descriptions almost valueless to aid in the recognition of these forms. As a whole the genus is one of the most difficult, obscure, and generally unsatisfactory to study in the entire Blattidae.

Nearly a century later, the genus is placed within family Blaberidae rather than Blattidae, and the taxonomy of the genus no doubt improved. But still some species have only been collected once, and no revision of the genus has been published.

Photo data: 25 September 2019. Sansón, Darién, Panama.

GPS data: 8.429, -77.910. Elevation 46 meters above sea level.

Determined by Dr. Sonia Maria Lopes Fraga, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Morgan Hebard, Yale-educated entomologist


Yale-educated entomologist Morgan Hebard described many genera and 800 species of cockroaches, orthopterans, and stick insects. He erected genus Eublaberus in 1920, but soon bemoaned the lack of clarity of how many species comprised the genus.