Eublaberus marajoara

Ovoviviparous Cockroach

Eublaberus marajoara, Ovoviviparous Cockroach,


Family: Blaberidae

Subfamily: Blaberinae

Length: many species in the genus are 40 - 60 mm


Genus Eublaberus is made up of nine species distributed from southern Mexico to northern Argentina. The genus is closely related to Blaberus. Among the several differences are the greater space between the eyes in Eublaberus, and antennae in Eublaberus that are noticeably tapered (Lopes et al. 2015).

Most records of the species shown here, Eublaberus marajoara, are from the western part of the Amazon basin. The species is smaller than most of its congeners (less than 40 mm). The pronotum is dark, with lighter areas on the latero-apical part, and with two light-colored discal spots. The cockroach shown here has the latter divided into two spots on each side, but often there is one larger spot on each side instead. Typically these spots, whether divided or not, are somewhat triangular in shape.

Photo data: August 2021. Sucumbíos province, Ecuador.

GPS data: -0.4948, -76.3736. Elevation 244 meters above sea level.

Determined by Dr. Sonia Maria Lopes Fraga, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.