Anatya guttata

Common Blue-eye

Anatya guttata, Common Blue-eye photo from Panama

Family: Libellulidae

Length: 30 - 40 mm in the genus


The dragonfly shown here corresponds to the description of Anatya normalis, but recent publications have synonymized A. normalis with A. guttata. A. normalis was described as having shorter cerci than A. guttata.

Currently the genus is considered to have two species, both Neotropical:  Anatya guttata and A. januaria. The genus ranges from Mexico to Bolivia and Paraguay.

Garrison, Ellenrieder, and Louton (2006) give the habitat as "margins of partially shaded or exposed ponds and canals."

These photos were taken near the Panama Canal, Gamboa, Panama.

Anatya guttata, Skimmer dragonfly image from Panama

Anatya normalis (=Anatya guttata) photo from Gamboa, Panama

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