Diastatops pullata

Red-saddled Blackwing

Diastatops pullata, Red-saddled Blackwing, image from Suriname


Family: Libellulidae

Size: 25 - 32 mm in the genus


Diastatops is a South American genus found in the Orinoco and Amazon River basins. Eight species make up the genus. The costa of the forewings is undulate, a trait shared with only one other New World genus, Zenithoptera (Garrison, Ellenrieder, and Louton, 2006).

In Diastatops the wings are usually dark, and have a yellow to red, often reticulate, patch at the base of the hindwings.

Diastatops pullata is a common species first described by Linnaeus.

Photo location: Colakreek, Para district, Suriname.


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