Palaemnema sp.


Palaemnema sp., Shadowdamsels, image from Honduras


Family: Platystictidae

Length: 37 - 49 mm in the genus


In the New World the family Platystictidae has only the one genus, Palaemnema. The family is also found in the Oriental region.

Genus Palaemnema contains 43 species, and is distributed from Arizona to Peru. In South America the genus is found as far east as French Guiana and northeastern Brazil.

Many species in the genus have highly restricted ranges and narrow habitat requirments. Most commonly, Shadowdamsels live along shady streams, where they perch on roots and sticks on the bank, with wings folded. Males aggressively defend their territories, which include a tree useful for oviposition. The eggs are laid on branches and twigs that overhang the water (Garrison, Ellenrieder, and Louton, 2010).

Photo location: Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras.

Shadowdamsel, Palaemnema sp., Honduras photo

Shadowdamsel face, Palaemnema sp. (Honduras)

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