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Among the many friends and mentors who have guided me in my search to learn more about Diptera: Jay Abercrombie, Jorge Almeida, Kevin Barber, Keith Bayless, Sara Bazyar, Paul Bedell, Matt Bertone, Paul Beuk, John F. Burger, Andy Calderwood, John F. Carr, Chris Cohen, Carlos José Einicker Lamas, Joke Van Erkelens, Omar Fahmy, Eric Fisher, Steve Gaimari, Igor Grichanov, Martin Hauser, Tony Irwin, Gabor Keresztes, Valery Korneyev, Stephane Lebrun, Stefan Naglis, Allen Norrbom, Jim O’Hara, Lukasz Mielczarek, William L. Murphy, Gerard Pennards, Walter Pfliegler, Herschel Raney, Chris Raper, Menno Reemer, Björn Rulik, Igor Shamshev, Jeff Skevington, John Smit, Tony Thomas, Ruud van der Weele, Nikita Vikhrev, Terry Wheeler, Shaun Winterton, Monty Wood, Norm Woodley, Andrzej J. Woznica, Chen Young, and Theo Zeegers.

Some of the folks who have been so helpful I know only by their screen names: Andre (from the Netherlands), Black (from Russia), pjoris (from Belgium) and Kahis (from Finland).

In preparing the species pages I have used information from a number of scholarly articles old and new, and these are listed in the Works Consulted page for Diptera.

I want to thank my many friends at the website, and the site, who have helped with IDs, and have provided a lot of interesting discussions about Dipterans. Many of these friends are listed above or in the overall Acknowledgments page for the American Insects site.

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