Bibio longipes

Long-footed March Fly

Bibio longipes, a fall species of March Fly, family Bibionidae


Family: Bibionidae

Subfamily: Bibioninae

Tribe: Bibionini


Photo notes: Above:  a male, Upshur County, West Virginia.  Despite the family's common name of March flies, this species is more common in fall, and was photographed in November.

Middle photo:  same time and place.  Bibio longipes has pale-colored hairs.  Note the division of the eye into an upper lobe and a lower lobe, typical of male March Flies.

Lower photo:  An apical spur on the foretibia (variously shaped) is present in members of the genus Bibio.

An autumn March Fly, Bibio longipes, lateral view

Apical spur of foretibia, Bibio, Bibionidae

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