Compsobata univittata

Stilt-legged Fly

Compsobata univittata, Micropezidae


Family: Micropezidae

Subfamily: Calobatinae

Length: 8 mm


This fly had its portrait made in Beaver Creek Marsh in Lane County, Oregon. Others of its species may be found from British Columbia to Quebec, and south to California, New Mexico, and Maryland (Stone et al. 1965; Arnett, 2000).

Teskey (1972) reported finding several larvae and pupae of Compsobata univittata in Manitoba in this microhabitat: "beneath a pile of decaying vegetation bordering a shallow, slowly flowing stream." Goldenrods and shrubby willows were among the more common shore plants nearby. "A partially buried tree limb protruding from the stream bank had trapped, apparently over several years, a pile of vegetative debris which was quite damp and in advanced stages of decay underneath. The larvae and pupae of C. univittata were found in sandy loam soil beneath this pile of debris."

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