Soldier Flies

Family Stratiomyidae

The larvae of soldier flies are hard-bodied and somewhat flattened, and may be found in decomposing organic matter including fallen logs, fermenting fruit, garbage dumps, and at wounds in living trees.

Adults, too, are somewhat flattened; they often sport bright and/or metallic colors.  Some species have colored patterns on the eyes.  In this family there is considerable variation in the length of the antenna relative to the rest of the fly. Commonly the scutellum features spines on the sides or at the apex (Zumbado, 2006).

Adult flies are often found on foliage, sometimes on flowers or fallen fruits.

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Allognosta fuscitarsis
Heteracanthia cf. ruficornis
Merosargus sp.
Merosargus sp.
Microchrysa sp.
Myxosargus nigricornis
Ptecticus sp.
Ptecticus trivittatus
Sargus cf. decorus
Sargus elegans
Chordonota sp.
Cyphomyia cf. wiedemanni
Diaphorostylus sp.
Euryneura sp.
Hermetia illucens
Hermetia sp.
˜Euparyphus sp.
Odontomyia cf. interrupta
Oxycera variegata
Hedriodiscus binotatus
Hedriodiscus sp.
Nothomyia parvicornis
Stratiomys sp.


Late addition: a yellow-headed Cyphomyia sp. from Ecuador.