Acanaloniid Planthoppers

Family Acanaloniidae

Fennah (1954) formed family Acanaloniidae as he revised the Issidae. Gnezdilov (2012) excluded all Old World genera from Acanaloniidae, transferring them to other families. Thus Acanaloniidae contained four genera: Acanalonia, Batusa, Chlorochara, and Philatis. All four are found in the Neotropics, while Acanalonia also ranges into the United States and Canada.

In a subsequent article of the same year, Gnezdilov (2012b) moved three species of Acanalonia into a new genus, Bulldolonia. He commented that genus Acanalonia remains polyphyletic.

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Acanalonia bivittata
Acanalonia conica
Acanalonia sp. (Costa Rica)
Acanalonia sp. (Costa Rica)
Acanalonia sp. (Guyana)

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