Amapala ornata

Tropiduchid Planthopper

Amapala ornata, family Tropiduchidae


Family: Tropiduchidae

Length: most are 7 - 9 mm in the family


Lois B. O'Brien has called members of this family the green gems of the forest. They are distributed in all the warm and hot areas of the world. The Neotropics are home to 34 genera and 90 described species; the Nearctic has 2 species. In the Neotropics, the center of diversity is in the West Indies. The New World species are found from Virginia to Argentina (O'Brien, 2000).

Most Tropiduchids are colored in greens, yellows, and browns. Two ocelli are usually present, located in front of the compound eyes.

The genus Amapala has two species, the one featured on this page, and A. temulenta. The genus apparently was named for a town in southern Honduras.

The individual shown here was photographed at Pico Bonito National Park in Honduras.

Amapla ornata, family Tropiduchidae

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