Biolleyana pictifrons

Net-winged Planthopper

Biolleyana pictifrons, family Nogodinidae

Family: Nogodinidae

Subfamily: Nogodininae

Tribe: Nogodinini


Photo location: Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras.

A member of this tribe has been described from Mexican amber and given the name Nogodina chiapaneca. The amber in question dated from the middle Miocene (16 to 11.6 million years ago) (Kraemer, 2007).

The species still living on earth, in addition to Biolleyana pictifrons, are B. costalis and B. fenestra.


Biolleyana pictifrons, Net-winged Planthopper

Net-winged Planthopper, Biolleyana pictifrons

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