Catrimania sp.


Catrimania sp., Spittlebug image from French Guiana


Family: Cercopidae

Subfamily: Ischnorhininae

Length: spittlebug in top photo 5.8 mm; in bottom photo 5.6 mm


The genus Catrimania was named by the indefatigable worker in Homoptera, R. G. Fennah, in 1968. It contains three species, C. insignis, C. longula, and C. semivitrea.  These are all pictured in Carvalho and Webb (2005). The three species are distributed in tropical South America.

The bug shown in the photos may be an undescribed species.  It appears to be closest to C. semivitrea, a Brazilian species. The latter species, however, lacks the white dorsal band, and also it has prominent dark crossveins near the wingtip which the pictured hopper lacks.

One interesting trait about species in this genus is that the tegmina are opaque at the basal end, and transparent at the apical end.

Photo location: Montagne de Kaw, French Guiana (top two photos); Brokopondo district, Suriname (bottom photo).

Catrimania sp., Neotropical Spittlebug images, Cercopoidea

Catrimania sp., a Neotropical Spittlebug

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