Cedusa maculata

Derbid Planthopper

Derbid Planthopper, Cedusa maculata

Family: Derbidae

Subfamily: None defined in Derbidae

Length: typically 4.9 - 5.2 mm


This is one of the few Cedusa species distinctive enough to identify without dissection.

Osborn (1938) reported that most specimens are collected in association with Blueberry and Huckleberry.

Cedusa maculata has an overall whitish appearance, while most other Cedusa species are blue or black.

Photo locations: Hickory Flat, Buckhannon, West Virgina (upper three photos); Suchitoto, El Salvador (bottom two photos).

Cedusa maculata, Planthopper photo

Cedusa maculata, dorsal view, leafhoppers

Derbid planthopper, Cedusa maculata, El Salvador image

Cedusa maculata, photo from El Salvador, family Derbidae

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