Family Cicadidae

Cicadas are large, loud insects, typically colored in black, brown, or copper, and often marked with green.

In this family both wings are membranous, and there are three ocelli. The antennae are short. Males of most species bear a sound-producing structure on the ventral side, near the base of the abdomen. Unlike many of their near relatives, cicadas are not able to jump or hop.

Of special interest are the Periodical Cicadas, genus Magicicada. These cicadas live underground for 13 or 17 years, and are absent from an area for many years before emerging en masse in a single year. Periodical cicadas, unlike the Annual Cicadas, have red wing veins and red eyes.

In temperate areas in the northern hemisphere, Annual Cicadas appear most often in June and July, while Periodical Cicadas emerge in May and June.

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Diceroprocta apache / semicincta
Fidicina cf. mannifera
Pacarina / Diceroprocta / Ollanta
Fidicinoides pseudethelae
Neocicada hieroglyphica
Tibicen linnei
Tibicen lyricen
Magicicada septendecim
Taphura cf. egeri
Taphura sp.
Carineta sp.

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