Darnis cf. lateralis

Darnine Treehopper

Neotropical Treehopper, Darnis cf. lateralis photo, Guyana


Family: Membracidae

Subfamily: Darninae

Tribe: Darnini

Length: 6.8 - 9.7 mm in the genus


Treehoppers in the genus Darnis are smooth and glossy, and lack the horns and fantastic structures seen in some other Membracid genera. The side margins of the pronotum are invariably yellow or black. Members of the genus are distributed from Mexico to Argentina.

Darnis lateralis is marked as shown. Darnis latior has a much larger yellow area. Darnis partita has two dark spots on the back (Godoy et al., 2006).

Photo location: Along the Rupununi River, Guyana.

Treehopper image from Guyana, Darnis cf. lateralis

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