Nr. Diacira obliquata

Cladodipterine Planthopper

Near Diacira obliquata, Fulgorid Planthopper image from Guyana


Family: Fulgoridae • Subfamily: Cladodipterinae


The planthopper shown here is near Diacira obliquata, at any rate it is in genus Diacira or in Cladodiptera. Until recently the placement would have been Dictyopharidae: Dictyopharinae: Cladodipterini. However, a 2011 paper by A. F. Emeljanov states that tribe Cladodipterini should instead be treated as a subfamily in Fulgoridae (Cladodipterinae), near subfamily Dichopterinae.

Photo location: Along the Rupununi River, Guyana.


Fulgorid Planthopper, insect near Diacira obliquata, photo, Guyana

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