Tribe Fidicinini / Cryptotympanini


Small cicada from Honduras, Tribe Fidicinini / Cryptotympanini, Cicadinae


Family: Cicadidae

Subfamily: Cicadinae

Tribe: Fidicinini or Cryptotympanini

Length: cicada in photo at right 13 mm to the tip of the abdomen; 21 mm to the tip of the wings.

Professor Allen F. Sanborn, who was kind enough to examine photos of this cicada, has narrowed the identification to genera Pacarina, Ollanta, or Diceroprocta. The latter is in tribe Cryptotympanini, while the other two are in tribe Fidicinini. Both tribes are in subfamily Cicadinae.

Photo location: Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras.

Cicada, dorsal view, from Tribe Fidicinini / Cryptotympanini

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