Guayaquila sp.

Membracine Treehopper

Guayaquila sp., Treehopper image from Guatemala


Family: Membracidae

Subfamily: Membracinae

Tribe: Aconophorini

Length: insect in the photo 4.5 mm


The tribe Aconophorini is made up of three genera: Guayaquila, Calloconophora, and Aconophora. Genus Guayaquila contains 22 species, and is found from Mexico to Argentina (Linares, Neder, and Dietrich, 2010).

Females oviposit together and guard their egg masses. Nymphs may be tended by the females, and also by ants, bees, and wasps. The hymenopteran shepherds appear to offer protection to the nymphs, while the nymphs provide drops of sweet honeydew. The ants that tend the nymphs are typically Camponotus or Ectatomma; the bees are Trigona; the wasps are typically Vespids such as Pseduopolybia compressa or Parachartergus fraternus (Godoy et al., 2006).

Photo notes: El Hato, Sacatepéquez department, Guatemala. These nymphs were clustered along twigs.

Nymphs of Guayaquila sp., image from Guatemala

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