Lystra lanata

Fulgorid Planthopper

Lystra lanata, Fulgorid Planthopper



Family: Fulgoridae

Subfamily: Lystrinae

Tribe: Lysterini

Length: insect in photo 20 mm


This beautiful hopper of the New World tropics was originally described by the venerable Linnaeus. It has been recorded from Guyana, Surinam,  French Guiana, and Brazil; at least one private collection has an example from Peru. Published reports from as far afield as India are apparently in error, and its status in the Antilles is unclear.

Photographer notes (upper two photos): These two Fulgorids were on large tree trunks. One had its mouthparts inserted and evidently was feeding. The hopper in the bottom image shows the waxy secretions common in many hopper groups. These filaments may confuse enemies into attacking the tail end and ending up with nothing but the filaments.

Photo location: Sentier de Bagne des Annamites, French Guiana (upper two photos). Along the Rupununi River, Guyana (lower photo).


Fulgorid Planthopper from Guyane, Lystra lanata

Lystra lanata on tree trunk, Guyana image

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