Ocoaxo lineatus


Ocoaxo lineatus, spittlebug image from Honduras


Family: Cercopidae

Subfamily: Ischnorhininae

Length: 8 mm


Ocoaxo is a species-rich genus found in Mexico and Central America, as well as the northern Andean region.

The bright orange coloration warns of the defensive practice of reflexive bleeding exhibited by members of this genus.

Spittlebug expert Vinton Thompson notes that no nymph of this genus has ever been identified, and host plant records are completely lacking. In short, the life history of members of this genus is unknown.

The author of the genus, R.G. Fennah, explained that the name "is an arbitrary combination of letters," and is "quadrisyllabic and of masculine gender" (1968).

In this genus the ocelli are closer to each other than they are to the eyes.  They are about the same distance from each other as from the posterior margin of the head.

The species Ocoaxo lineatus has been reported from Honduras and Nicaragua.

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