Poekilloptera phalaenoides

Flatid Planthopper



Family: Flatidae

Length: hopper in upper photo 21 mm


These treehoppers vary as to number of spots and the amount of orange, and were formerly placed into several species.  They are currently considered one species, the only one in genus Poekilloptera.  Thus any hopper that looks similarto the one in the photo will be P. phalaenoides.  They range from Mexico to Bolivia and southeast Brazil; food plants include Inga, Mimosa, and many others.

Determined by Dr. Lois O'Brien, Green Valley, Arizona.

Photo location: Montagne de Kaw, French Guiana (upper photo); Novo Airão, Amazonas state, Brazil (lower two photos).


Poekilloptera phalaenoides, Flatid Planthopper

Flatid Planthopper, Poekilloptera phalaenoides, image from Brazil

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