Stylocentrus sp.

Stegaspidine Treehopper

Stylocentrus sp., Costa Rica Treehopper with horns

Family: Membraciade

Subfamily: Stegaspidinae

Family: Microcentrini

Length: hopper in photo 6.2 mm; 5.5 - 7.5 in the genus


Photo location: Cartago province, Costa Rica.

Stylocentrus is a treehopper genus distributed from Honduras southward as far as Bolivia and Brazil.

In this genus, one noteable trait is that the forewings are leathery and punctate on their basal 2/3rds, and hyaline on the remainder (Godoy, Miranda, and Nishida, 2005).

A related genus, Microcentrus, is widely distributed from Ontario and the eastern U.S., into the southwestern states, through Mexico, and south to Ecuador. One of these species illustrated on this site is Microcentrus perditus.

Stylocentrus sp., Treehopper image from Costa Rica