Umbonia crassicornis

Thornbug / Thorn Treehopper

Umbonia crassicornis, Thorn Bug, image from Florida Everglades


Family: Membracidae

Subfamily: Membracinae

Tribe: Hoplophorionini

Length: about 13 mm


The Umbonia crassicornis pictured here were feeding on a Wild Tamarind tree, Lysiloma latisiquum.  The locale was Big Cypress National Preserve in the Florida Everglades.

The various members of the genus Umbonia are found from the southern United States south to Brazil and Uruguay.

The species U. crassicornis ranges from Texas and Florida through Central America and into South America.  A 1962 circular from Florida's Division of Plant Industry stated that although this species appeared to be present in Florida at the time it was described in 1843, it did not become common there until 1948-1951.

Variation among Umbonia crassicornis, Thorn Treehoppers, Florida