Zulia cf. pubescens

Downy Spittlebug
Zulia cf. pubescens, spittlebug in family Cercopidae



Family: Cercopidae

Subfamily: Ischnorhininae

Length: spittlebug in the photo measured 8.3 mm


Eight described species make up genus Zulia; they are distributed from Mexico south to at least Bolivia.

Zulia pubescens is a variable species, with the tegmen sometimes bearing one to three yellowish spots.  The heavy pubescence is a key trait of this species.  Distribution of Z. pubescens is across most of northern South America.

The species is of economic importance, as a pest of forage grass in the genus Brachiaria. Some varieties of the grasses with resistance to spittlebugs have been developed.

Photo location: Montagne de Kaw, French Guiana (top two photos); Bergendal, Suriname (bottom photo).

Bottom photo determined by Dr. Gervasio S. Carvalho, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, who notes that a specimen would be needed for a more certain identification.

Spittlebug image from French Guiana, Zulia cf. pubescens

Zulia cf. pubescens, spittlebug (froghopper) photo from Suriname

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