Antiteuchus sp.

Stink Bug

Antiteuchus sp., Stink bug photo from the Amazon basin

Family: Pentatomidae

Subfamily: Discocephalinae

Tribe: Discocephalini

Length: most in genus 10 - 18 mm


Genus Antiteuchus contains 33 species and is distributed across Mexico, Central America, and much of South America. Unfortunately most of the species are difficult to impossible to determine without dissection and examination of the genitalia. Most species seem to be generalist feeders, and have been taken on cacao, banana, fig, squash, citrus, and other cultivated crops. Maternal guarding of the eggs and hatchlings are common in the genus.

The bug shown here was in a hotel garden in Manaus, Amazonas state, Brazil.

Determined by Dr. Donald B. Thomas, USDA Agricultural Research Service.

Neotropical Pentatomidae, Antiteuchus sp. from Brazil.

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