Apidaurus longistylus

Broad-headed Bugs

Apidaurus longistylus, Broad-headed bug image from French Guiana


Family: Alydidae

Subfamily: Alydinae

Length: males 10-11 mm, females 12-13



This species has been recorded from French Guiana, Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

All members of the subfamily Alydinae have legumes as host plants.

Only two species have been described in genus Apidaurus.  Among other differences, A. longistylus has the hind femur narrowing abrubtly toward the base, while in A. conspersus the narrowing is more gradual.

Photo location: Montagne de Kaw, French Guiana

Determined by Dr. Harry Brailovsky Alperowitz, Colección Nacional de Insectos, Mexico.

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