Flat Bugs

Family Aradidae

What, no beak? Flat Bug, family Aradidae


These well-named bugs are nicely proportioned for the lives they live, hunkering under bark, crawling in crevices, and hiding under fungi.

In late winter and early Spring, when insects prove hard to find, it can be fun to go on an Aradid expedition, to find out what species live in your area.

Left: Flat Bugs are flat on the ventral side as well as the dorsal. One thing that should attract attention in this photo is that the bug seems to have no beak. In this family the mouthparts are tube-like, and are coiled up and stored within the bug's head!

Flat Bugs, how to tell males from females, Aradidae

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Aradus crenatus
Aradus lugubris
Aneurus sp.
Hesus humeralis
Neuroctenus sp.
Placogenys sp.

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