Aradus lugubris

Gloomy Flat Bug

Aradus lugubris, Flat Bugs, Aradidae



Family: Aradidae

Subfamily: Aradinae

Subgenus: Aradus

Length: Females 4.9 - 5.6 mm.  Males 4.7 - 5.0 mm.


Aradus lugubris has infrared receptors that help it orient toward forest fire lands, where it presumably feeds on fungi that grow on burned over timber. Populations of Aradus lugubris disperse widely as they head for new patches of burned land (Johansson et al., 2009).

Look for these in burned pine forests.

The one shown here was photographed in one such stretch of land in the Yukon.

The original description of this species was penned in Latin in 1807 by Charles Frederick Fallén, a Swedish entomologist.

This bug is brownish to blackish, and usually has the apex of the third antennal segment pale. Each segment of the connexivum has a white band. The membrane is white-hyaline, with brown spots.

The head's median process reaches at least the basal one-quarter of the second antennal segement. The ratio of the lengths of the antennal segments are 2.2:8.5:4.5:4.0. The lateral margins of the pronotum are serrulate "and without conspicuous spine" (Matsuda, 1977).

The map below indicates the provinces, territories, and states reporting Aradus lugubris. The species is also found in Europe and northern Asia.

Map, Aradus lugubris, Flat Bugs

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