Burtinus notapennis

Spot-winged Broad-headed Bug

Spot-winged Broad-headed Bug, Guatemala photo


Family: Alydidae

Subfamily: Alydinae

Length: 9.5 - 13.4 mm


Genus Burtinus contains two species, Burtinus notapennis and B. luteomarginatus. The latter is found in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and other locations in the West Indies.

The species shown here, Burtinus notapennis, is found from Arizona, Texas, and Florida south to Colombia and Venezuela. This species' range also includes Trinidad and the Bahamas (Schaefer and Imtiaz, 2007).

In shape, size, and color specimens of Burtinus (2 species, both Neotropical) resemble Neomegalotomus, but the latter bear a short spine on the humeral angle ("shoulder") while Burtinus does not.  While life history data for Burtinus species are lacking, it is probable they feed on plants in the legume family (Fabaceae) as do other members of this subfamily.

Photo location: El Hato, Sacatepéquez Department, Guatemala.

Determined by Dr. Carl Schaefer, professor emeritus, University of Connecticut. .

Burtinus notapennis, Guatemala, Spot-winged Broad-headed Bug

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