Canopid Bugs

Family Canopidae

Canopid bugs are found only in the Neotropics; they are related to Burrower Bugs (Cydnidae) and Ebony Bugs (Thyreocoridae).

Canopus is the only genus in the family Canopidae. Schuh and Slater (1995) reported eight species in the genus.

At first glance Canopid bugs resemble glossy beetles, but several features clarify that these are true bugs: antennae with only 4 segments, the lack of two distinct elytra, and the narrow head. A look at the underside shows the long beak, which no beetle possesses.

Both adults and immatures of the genus Conopus may be found on fungi, where they feed on sporophores.

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Canopus sp. (French Guiana)
Canopus sp. (Guyana)
Canopus sp. (Suriname)

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