Leaffooted Bugs

Family Coreidae

Members of the family Coreidae are not unlike Seed Bugs (Lygaeidae) but have a great many veins in the membrane. The head is always narrower than the pronotum, and usually is shorter. Coloration is most often brown or black.  The common name Leaffooted Bugs refers to the hind tibia, which is often expanded into a leaf-like structure. The family is sometimes called Squash Bugs, after the important agricultural pests in the genus Anasa.

Some members of this family feed on vegetation, while others are predators..

The New World is home to well over 800 species of Coreid, placed in 158 genera (Packauskas, 1994, 2010).

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Lycambes sp.
Merocoris distinctus
Peranthus sp. or Hirilcus sp.
Acanthocephala femorata
Acanthocephala terminalis
Acanthocephala thomasi
Cnemomis sp.
Petalops sp.
Petalops thoracicus
Zoreva sp.
Sagotylus confluentus
Anisoscelis affinis
Leptoglossus oppositus
Narnia femorata
Melucha sp.
Nematopus cf. caicarensis

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