Corimelaena sp.

Ebony Bug

Ebony Bugs, Cormelaena sp.



Family: Thyreocoridae

Length: 2.5-6 mm in the family

Length: 2.5 - 4.75 mm in the genus


Blatchley (1926) described some of the traits of this genus: Lateral margins edged in whitish. Each hind tibia bearing four rows of short, widely space spines. Also, "pronotum impressed on sides near hind angles, its margin at this point nearly vertical."

McPherson (1982) agreed that the white margins were sufficient to identify this genus, with the exception of Corimelaena nigra, which lacks the white edging.

Identification to species is difficult from photographs, but more doable with a pinned specimen.


Corimelaena sp., Negro Bugs or Ebony Bug

Note that this is both the genus page for Corimelaena and the family page for Ebony Bugs

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