Cosmopepla bimaculata

Two-spotted Stink Bug

Cosmopepla bimaculata (C. lintneriana), Two-spotted Stink Bug



Family: Pentatomidae

Subfamily: Pentatominae

Tribe: Pentatomini

Length: 5-7 mm


Some sources have used the name Cosmopepla lintneriana for this species, on the theory (first published in 1909) that the bimaculata name was preoccupied. Henry and Froeschner (1988) refuted the need for the replacement name, explained why, and restored the name Cosmopepla bimaculata.

This is an unusually widespread species, from Canada to the United States and into Mexico, as the map at the bottom of the page shows.

Adults are found over most of the year, with numbers peaking in July and August. The species overwinters in the adult stage among dead leaves on the ground.


Two-spotted Stink Bugs, Cosmopepla bimaculata (formerly C. lintneriana)

Map, Cosmopepla bimaculata (C. linterniana)

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