Geocoris bullatus

Big-eyed Bug

Geocoris bullatus, Big-Eyed Bug



Family: Geocoridae

Subfamily: Geocorinae

Length: 3.9 - 4.5 mm


Adults reportedly overwinter under some type of protective cover.

Twenty-four species of Geocoris are found in the Nearctic.

Geocoris bullatus ranges from Quebec to Alaska and Yukon, south to California and Florida. There is a record of Geocoris bullatus var. borealis from Guatemala at an elevation of 12,400 feet.

The bug shown here was photographed in Brule River State Forest in Wisconsin, on the sandy shore of Lake Superior. R. F. Hussey commented on finding this species in Michigan sand dunes, "where numbers of individuals were seen running about on the ground among sparse grasses; one adult thus running was followed closely in its erratic course by a nymph of about the third instar" (quoted in Blatchley, 1926).

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