Geocoris uliginosus

Big-eyed Bug

Geocoris uliginosus, Big-eyed Bug dorsal view



Family: Geocoridae

Subfamily: Geocorinae

Length: 3-4 mm


Bugs in this genus are most notable for their wide head and the large, back-curving eyes.

Geocoris uliginosus is a wide-ranging species found from Alberta and New England, into the southern states and west to Texas. It has, apparently, not been reported from south of the Rio Grande.

In the summer look for it on Joe Pye weed and other asters and on composites. This bug is sometimes attracted to lights.

This species overwinters as an adult, found in sheltered places sometimes with two or more of its own kind or even in mixed groups of various bugs and beetles.

Researchers have shown that this Bug-eyed Bug is economically important, being a most efficient predator of the Soybean looper and probably other pest species (Richman et al., 1980).

While at first glance it may seem the specific epithet may mean "ugly" in fact uliginosus is Latin for moisture, presumably a reference to the preferred habitats.

Geocoris uliginosus is so variable that entomophiles have named a number of color varieties.

Map, Geocoris uliginosus

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